1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts From Muslim Civilization (HB)

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Title: 1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts From Muslim Civilization

Pages: 96 pages

Binding: Hard Cover

Publisher: National Geographic

Description from the Publisher:

The official children’s companion to the exhibition produced by National Geographic for ages 8-12 uses the winning formula of facts, photos and fun. Each page is packed with information on little-known history of Muslim civilization, showing how their achievements still apply to our world today.

We often think that people from a thousand years ago were living in the Dark Ages. But from the 7th Century onward in Muslim civilization there were amazing advances and inventions that still influence our everyday lives. Inventors created marvels like the elephant water clock, explorers drew detailed maps of the world, women made scientific breakthroughs and founded universities, and so much more!

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