Tajweed Made Easy - Ruquiyah Islam

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Title: Tajweed Made Easy

Author: Ruquiyah Islam

Binding: Paperback 100 pages

Publisher: Taqwa Publisher

Language: English (with Arabic text for explanation)


A Simplified Tajweed Book With easy-to-understand rules and explanations visually appealing, methodical presentation

  • Points of articulation of letters
  • Character Of Letters
  • Ghunnah
  • Qalqalah mechanisms
  • Letters of Elevation and lowness
  • Letters of audibility and Whisper
  • Rules of nun Skinah and Tanwin
  • Izhaar, Idgham, Ikhfa, Iqtab, and other special cases
  • Mim Sakinah rules
  • Lam sakinah rules
  • Rules Of Hamzah
  • Huruf al Muquatta at
  • Asli Madd and Fara i Madd
  • Rules of Stopping


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