Contemporary Fatwas - Fatawai Mu3asra - Yusuf Al Qaradawi

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Title: Contemporary Fatwas - Fatawai Mu3asra

Author: Yusuf Al Qaradawi

Publisher: Daar Al Qalam, Kuwait

Binding: Hard Cover, Three volumes

Language: Arabic only


Book Review:

This is an excellent reference book that covers contemporary fatwas (legal theological opinions) in a very diverse range of matters covering areas like family life, social life, finance, personal hygene, worship and much more.

This is a must have in every home.



  • Born in Egypt in 1344 AH (1926 AC)
  • Completed the memorization of the Qur’an before his tenth birthday
  • Studied at Al Azhar from the elementary to the university level, and obtained his Ph.D. there in 1393 AH (1973 AC3)
  • Worked as a Khatib, teacher, and writer in both the Department of Awqaf and at Al Azhar
  • Presently serves as the dean of the College of Shariah and Islamic Studies and as the director of the Center for Sunnah and Sirah Studies at the University of Qatar. He is also a member of many Islamic academic societies and associations. He was named chairman of the Academic Council of the University of Al Amir'Abd al Qadir for Islamic Sciences in Constantine. Algeria, and is an advisor on Islamic aff:airs to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Algeria.
  • Published over forty-two books dealing with various aspects of Islamic life, literature, and poetry. Among these are: Fiqh al Zakah, Al Halal wa al Haram fi al Islam, Al Iman wa al Hayah, Al Hulul al Mustawradah wa Kayfa Janat ala Ummatina, Hatmiyat al Hall al Islami, Al Sahwah al Islamiyah bayna al Juhud wa al Tatarruf, Fatawi Mu'asirah, Al Fiqh al Islami bayna al Asalah wa al Tajdid, Al Islam wa al 'Ilmaniyah Wajhan Li Wajh
  • His articles and research papers have appeared in many Arabic and Islamic journals and magazines. 
  • Dr. al Qaradawi is considered one of the most temperate Islamic thinkers, and as one of those who combine traditional knowledge of the Shariah with an understanding of contemporary problems (fiqh al waqi'). Indeed, Dr. Qaradawi's writings have found general acceptance among all sectors of the Muslim world, and many of his works have been translated into various Muslim and other languages.

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