Brick Walls Tales Of Hope & Courage From Pakistan

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Title: Brick Walls Tales Of Hope & Courage From Pakistan

Author: Saadia Faruqi

Publisher: FB Publishing, San Clemente

Binding: Softcover, 198 pages.

Description from Publisher:

Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage from Pakistan is a heartwarming collection of short stories filled with larger-than-life characters and the seemingly impossible challenges they face. You will be captivated by these fictional depictions of everyday Pakistanis who struggle with poverty, violence, corruption and abuse, yet rise from the ashes stronger and more enduring. There is Asma the lackluster seamstress, Faisal the would-be terrorist, Javed Gul the Pushto rock singer, Farzana the cantankerous grandmother, Nida the ten-year-old girl with a cricket obsessions, and many more. Together they form a rich mosaic that showcases the beauty of Pakistan, her culture and her people.

“Faruqi’s ambitious, flawed, raw characters are relatable to any reader, regardless of ethnicity.” Brown Girl Magazine

Saadia Faruqi’s stories are warm, filled with empathy and a touch of human kindness. But above all, it is her characters who remain with you, much after you have closed the book. They leave you with a feeling that there is indeed, hope.Andaleeb Wajid, author of My Brother’s Wedding and More Than Just Biryani

“Saadia Faruqi is a promising writer whose heart-warming tales about Pakistan contain the ability to entertain, surprise, and move. Her honest portrayals of Pakistani life in all its hues are thoroughly enjoyable.” Bina Shah, author of A Season of Martyrs

“Brick Walls offers a tantalizing glimpse into a Pakistan rarely seen in the West: one in which hope and heartbreak, love and longing, luck and disaster are woven into the lives of every character you meet.” Ayesha Mattu, Love InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women and Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, & Intimacy.

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