Beyond Face Value : The Hijab (Tudung)

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Author: Various contributors

Publisher: Bridges Books 

Binding: Hardcover, 100 pages.


Bridges Books presents its first 'bridge' into the fascinating world of Islam by unveiling the mystery of the tudung or hijab (headscarf). Forty-two Muslims and non-Muslims pen their views about Islamic modesty, their personal experiences with the hijab and its wearers, and their struggle to combat stereotypes in a pluralistic society. A colourful anthology of articles, personal anecdotes, quotes and poems, this coffee-table book is a must-read for those who wish to gain a refreshing insight into Islam and the lives of Muslims.

Learn about the holistic concept of Islamic modesty. Explore the factors behind the increasing trend of young scarf-wearing girls. Find out why contemporary Muslim women have turned to donning the headscarf. Be inspired by hijab-wearing women who brave the challenges at the workplace. Hear from individuals who embrace cultural and religious diversity through mutual understanding and respect.

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