Astronomy of Islamic Times for the 21st Century - Mohammad Ilyas

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Title: Astronomy of Islamic Times for the 21st Century

Authors: Mohammad Ilyas

Publisher: A S Noordeen (Malaysia)

Binding: Paperback 254 pages.


Since the eight century, when Islamic science began its 700-year domination of scientific development, astronomy has been of central importance. The need to determine accurately the specific time of day for Islamic prayer made it imperative that Muslims should master the techniques of mathematical and observational astronomy. Islamic astronomers, who were assigned to principal mosque, developed excellent computational technique and extensive data tables for use throughout the Islamic world.

Notwithstanding the overall decline of Islamic astronomy during the past few centuries, these data tables continued to meet Islamic needs until almost the end of nineteenth century. It has become necessary to re-develop the underlying science and operational data suited to the present time.

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