Al-Nahw al-Wadih fi Qawa'id al-Lughat al-Arabiya (Primary Level)

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Title: Al-Nahw al-Wadih fi Qawa'id al-Lughat al-Arabiya (Primary Level)

Author: 'Ali al-Jarim & Mustafa Amin

Binding: Hardback, 129 pages

Publisher: Maktabah Dar Al-Lughawiya


Those who are familiar with the النحو الواضح will know that there are two versions: The primary school version and the high school version, each of which comprises 3 parts :

The text has six parts in all: three each at primary and secondary levels. In part 1 of this work, namely the Primary level of al-Nahw is geared towards the starters of the language but not completely from beginning. It is full of examples with poetry utilised to make one remember qawa'id or rules more effectively.





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