Abu Hanifah : His Life, Legal Method & Legacy - Muhammad Akram Nadwi

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Title: Abu Hanifah : His Life, Legal Method & Legacy

Author: Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Binding: Softcover, 148 pages.

Description from Publisher:


Abu Hanifah, Numan ibn Thabit (d. 150/767) is one of the great pioneers in the history of Islamic Law. He was among the first to deploy the recognized methods of legal reasoning consistently, and to gather the judgements and rulings of his time into a systematic corpus. The fiqh that evolved from his style of reasoning, carried on by his brilliant students, became associated with his name. The Hanafi school is the one most widely followed among the worlds Sunni Muslims. This study of Abu Hanifah’s life and legacy is based on the traditional sources.


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