A Journey Through Islamic History (Revised Edition 2015) - Yasminah Hashim & Muhammad Beg

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Title: A Journey Through Islamic History - A Timeline of Key Events

Author: Yasminah Hashim & Muhammad Beg

Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd.

Binding: Hardcover, 136 pages




A Journey through Islamic History tells you all you ever wanted to know about the history of the Muslim world from the Prophet Muhammad to Malcolm X in a short, accessible and lavishly-illustrated format.

  • Suitable for students of all ages.
  • Seven chronological essays covering 1500 years of history.
  • With over 175 pictures, illustrations and maps.
  • A comprehensive timeline with over 500 entries.
  • Textboxes featuring important personalities, key events and major ideas.
  • A must for every library, college, school and home.

About The Author

Yasminah Hashim is a twenty-one year-old-law student currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is an active member of multiple youth initiatives and co-founder of Lawyers United. Yasminah began writing A Journey Through Islamic History at the age of seventeen, and hopes the book will provide an exciting first look at Islamic history for both families and young adults.

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg was lecturer and then associate professor in Islamic studies at the University of Malaysia. He holds a doctorate from the University of Cambridge and has a distinguished publishing record. He lives in Cambridge with his family.

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