50 Candles To Light Your Path - Dr. AbdulKarim Bakkar

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Title: 50 Candles To Light Your Path

Author: IDr. AbdulKarim Bakkari

Publisher: Dakwah Corner

Binding: Softback, 202 pages.

From The Publisher

"To My Sons & Daughters... 50 Candles to Light Your Path"

This book practically gives out 50 different ways for parents and adults; hoping to help them guide the young children and direct them to the right path. Unlike any other help books regarding ways to guide our young children to the good and important verities of life, this book outlines 50 ways based on the truth of all truths, which is none other but from the light of Islam

This book helps on how to improve the well being of our sons and daughters; how to aid them towards treading the path of guidance and excelling in their academic, work and other facets of life. Also a good simple reminder to adults on life!

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