Our second publication!

Our second publication!

Story of the Tatars: From the Beginning to 'Ain Jalut
Dr Raghib Al-Sirjani

This book is a translation of the Arabic book “Qissat Al Tataar” which was written by the well-known Egyptian writer and historian: Dr Ragheb Al Sirjany.

The ‘Story of the Tatars’ is presented in a story-like fashion that makes it incredibly captivating. The book will educate you about the history of these events. The book, extremely successfully, parallels the Tatar’s events with modern day scenarios in the Muslim world which highlights how history can repeat itself over and over again.

The ‘Story of the Tatars’ is an amazing narrative in many ways and in many aspects. It has striking resemblances to many events occurring in the Muslim world in our times and many lessons can be drawn from this amazing story.

The story of the Tatars and their interaction with the Abassy Khilafa is an almost unbelievable story. If it was not for the almost identical transcription from many sources, it would have been difficult to believe.

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Fiqh of Priorities eBook!

Fiqh of Priorities eBook!

Now available in eBook!

An excellent translation of the important Arabic book "Fiqh Al-Awlawiat" by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi 

Do you want to learn about the science of priorities in Islam and what actions, values and rules are given higher priorities in Islam? This book is an excellent resource on this topic from a leading international scholar Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi.

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